Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Velvet-fronted Nuthatch

velvet-fronted nuthatch, Sitta frontalis, bird, small passerine bird, Sittidae, nuthatch family Sittidae, Passeriformes,
Velvet-fronted Nuthatch
Location: vazhachal forest, Thrissur Dist, Kerala, India. | Date: 19/02/2016
Camera Nikon D800e / Lens Nikon 105 mm f 2.8G
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The velvet-fronted nuthatch or Sitta frontalis is a small passerine bird found in southern Asia from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka east to south China and Indonesia. It is a member of thenuthatch family Sittidae.

Habitat and Behavior
It is a resident breeder of all types of woods, although open evergreen forest is the optimal habitat.
It has the ability, like other nuthatches, to climb down trees, unlike species such as woodpeckers which can only go upwards. It is an active feeder on insects and spiders, and may be found in mixed feeding flocks with other passerines.
This is a noisy bird, often located by its repeated “sit-sit-sit” call.

The velvet-fronted nuthatch has the typical nuthatch big head, short tail and powerful bill and feet. It is 12.5 cm long. It is violet-blue above, with lavender cheeks, beige underparts and a whitish throat. The bill is red, and there is a black patch on the forehead. The male also has a black supercilium.

Females lack the supercilium and have a warmer underpart colour. Juveniles are duller versions of the adult. There are four races differing in the shade of the underparts and the extent of white on the throat.


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