Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wax Dart or Cupitha purreea

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Wax Dart or Cupitha purreea

Location: Chirakkadavu, Ponkunnam, Kottayam Dist, Kerala, India. | Date: 05/02/2016
Camera Nikon D800e / Lens Nikon 105 mm f 2.8G 

Cupitha purreea, commonly known as the Wax Dart, is a butterfly belonging to the family Hesperiidae and only species of the Cupitha genus. Upperside blackish-brown ; cilia yellow, slightly alternated with black ; forewing with a gamboge-yellow basal streak, and a median oblique irregular band commencing from near apex, extending to hindmargin and terminating at its base ; hindwing with a short median yellow band. Underside sulphur-yellow; forewing with a broad darkbrown basal streak, a small spot at end of cell, and a large patch at posterior angle ; hindwing with a brown-speckled streak along inner margin, terminating broadly at anal angle. Body above brown, head and thorax interspersed with yellow hairs ; abdomen narrowly banded with yellow; palpi black above, yellow below. Legs and body beneath yellow. Female Larger than the male, with the yellow discal basal throughout in the posterior wings, but only in the interno-median area in the anterior ones, and the yellow portions of the cilia, especially towards the inner and anal angles, darker, inclining to orange. Mr. de Niceville notes that the male has a bare patch at the end of the cell on the upperside of the hindwing on which is placed an oval patch of closely packed scales. 


  1. As a native of the country your blog is the best source for us to witness the creatures found here. I really appreciate the work that you are doing to capture those pics.

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